The New Optimized Website

We are  happy that we are able to show the world & Joomlasphere our new website which will enhance the browsing experience for our thousands of vistors and clients. We have worked tremendous hard to provide you with the best possible experience and we are sure that we have reached our perspective. The site has been rebuild using the Yootheme Pro builder which is an awesome intrument to achieve just what you want

Yootheme Pro allowed us to create fabulous pages without any need to fall-bak to the "old-school" "module positions" as offered with Joomla core. This allows to be very creative with layouts and styling for the visitors. We used a number of top-notch Joomla extensions on the site but only a few:


  • Gopricing by Offljan
  • Widgetkit by Yootheme
  • Breezingforms (for all inquiries ( see our package here )


  • Akeebabackup with fully automated backkups to Amazon S3
  • Admin Tools with WAF Firewall and Admin Protection (See our Security Hardening Package here)
  • ACL Manager
  • JCE (Joomla Content Editor)
  • JCH-Optimized (makes sure Google loves your site)
  • Regular Labs (cache Cleaner is awesome as are many of the plugins)
  • Jsitemap Pro

These are extensions we use on all of our sites (except for the GOpricing plgin which is specific) we develop for ourselves and for all our clients. Thanks to a lot of compression and caching such as Mencached and JCH, combined with GZIP and template compression we reached 100% on Google Insights but we did not like the compression on the main image on the frontpage so we took a bit of punishment but we still have a very cool and good 95% on both desktop and mobile


Enjoy your surfing!