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Joomla Website Security Hardening


 With Our Package You Have Fundamental Joomla Protection!

Website hacking has become a pest on the internet. Criminals who attack a site for identity theft such as social security numbers and credit cards are professionals, often a criminal organization who can use their own hackers, hire college students, or simply buy large amounts of stolen information from professional hackers. And the result is a spike in the number and size of reported data breaches by hackers. Hackers who used to do it for the thrill or the fame are now doing it for profit.

GWS-Desk.com Joomla security experts understand web security.  As experts in Joomla you can rely on us to help you with your Joomla powered website's security. We will review and harden the security of your Joomla powered website and setup an automated backup with Akeebabackup Pro to Amazon S3 (free) if you purchase that with the package.

Many hosting companies (and not only the smaller ones!) have big loopholes in their security setup of their servers. Therefor it is essential that you protect your Joomla website with some good tools to prevent damage to your website. The GWS-Desk.com Joomla Security Hardening Package will protect you against against the vast majority of common attacks such as SQL injections, Cross scripting attacks and many more.

The package provides:

  • Upgrade to Joomla 3.4.5 from any previous Joomla 3.x version
  • FREE One Year Admin Tools Professional formally licensed to you by logoakeeba
  • Setup and configuration of AT and the the AT-Firewall
  • Protection of your Administrator login
  • Make sure your permissions are correctly set
  • Create and install a sophisticated, secure .htaccess that not only provides extra protection (AT) but will also improve performance (GT-Metrix.com guidelines)
  • Install additional tools that gives you fundamental protection against SQL injection and LFI (local files inclusion) attacks
  • FREE Installation of Akeebabackup-core so you can create backups and restore these when needed

Web Site Security Is Essential For Your Safety!

US$ 145 US$ 95

You want this package including a full setup and a one year Free License of Akeebabackup PRO with cronjob setup on your hosting account so backups are send to Amazon S3 (5 Gb free!)?

US$ 125

When we receive your purchase confirmation from Paypal, an account is created on our support system, your access details are send to you and you will receive a request for your site access credentials and when applicable hosting account access and we start the service implementation. We communicate with you through your account on our system --> THAT easy!

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