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GWS-Desk.com converts your HTML web site to Joomla!

So you have your HTML-based website build with Frontpage, Dreamweaver or any other HTML-tool and you want to move this to Joomla. GWS-Desk.com helps you to realize this. The process exists of multiple phases and each one of them will as far as possile preserve existing layouts, online visual presence and content. The number of html-pages to be imported can be virtually unlimited!
Step 1: Create your base Joomla Site
In the first step we creates a Joomla installation for you. We will install a plain Joomla 3.x installation for you on one of our development domains without sample data. This is the most simple part!
Step 2: Template conversion
Our Design Center will convert your current online presence to a Joomla Responsive, WC3-compliant template. We can create a Joomla template from any readable file format!
  • PSD – Adobe Photoshop
  • AI – Adobe Illustrator
  • PDF – Adobe Acrobat
  • JPEG / GIF / PNG
  • PPT – Microsoft PowerPoint
  • SWF / FLA – Adobe Flash
  • Static HTML – Online or Offline Static Sites

Your website will look identical to the provided design.

Your template will work well with all modern browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer 11, Edge and we are using semantic HTML markup and standards compliant CSS. A fully responsive layout that adapts perfectly for all device resolutions like mobiles, tablets and desktops with optimized loading times thanks to Gzip compression of content, javasscript and css among others.

Step 3: Convert your static HTML-Content to Dynamic Joomla Content
In this step we will import all your HTML page content to Joomla! As far as is possible, all of your configurations, metatags, keywords, content structures, titles, images and links are preserved and imported, converted to UTF-8 format for optimal Joomla integration, and saved to your Joomla system. Imported pages take on your Joomla template structure and stylesheets, and we can specify full article parameters such as category, author, access level and so forth. We utilize a very powerful script for this:
  • Near instant import of HTML files to your Joomla! installation
  • Powerful HTML clean up & tag stripping options
  • Inbuilt W3C Validation engine
  • HTML tidying, repair and validation on the fly
  • Automatic import and integration of your images and documents
  • Support for all charsets and encoding types
  • Automatic conversion to UTF-8 encoding for optimal Joomla integration
  • Automated process logging
  • Queue 100s of HTML files at a time for processing
  • Automatically create your article title, alias, keywords and description
  • Select your full article parameters such as category, author, access level and so forth
Step 4: Installation and configuration Joomla extensions
In this step we will add the required Joomla extensions to replace any existing functionality of the old HTML-website on the new dynamic Joomla site.
Step 5: Upload to your Hosting Account
Once you approve the new site we will uplolad and install the new development on the server of your hosting account.
Specialized Joomla Support by GWS-Desk.com: HTML to Joomla conversion

We convert your present HTML-site to Joomla

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