Specialized Support: Website Move

The GWS-Desk Site Move Package Transfers a Web Site from one server to another server or moves from one directory to another

From our experience we know that moving a site to another location can sometimes be time consuming for a non experienced user and lead to non-expected results! By using our extensive experience , we can help you to get your site moved fast and in a reliable way so you can focus on your site and business development!

The move process consists of multiple phases aand our techs perform the following actions:
  • Verify functionality of site to be moved and document and get confirmed possible non-functioning parts
  • Backup your current site and database and secure on one of our backup servers. (extra security for you!)
  • Verify new server settings and advise on possible bottlenecks and how to resolve them (memory limit/upload limits etc.
  • Setup your new database on your server
  • Move the backup and reinstall on the new server
  • Update the configuration files to reflect the new actual path and database variables
  • Testing to make sure that all is working as on the former location
  • Permission check for files and folders
We will need from you
  • Full access to cpanel and/or plesk or equivalent
  • Full ftp-access
  • Full super admin access to your Joomla installation

Process time: 1 day max!

Upon Purchase you will receive an order confirmation and you get access to our Ticket System where you communicate with your GWS-Desk.com  Project Team.

US$ 95


Specialized Joomla Support by GWS_Desk.com: Website Move

We move your website for you

Fast and secure!



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