Specialized Support: Wordpress to Joomla

You made up your mind to convert your WordPress to Joomla and move all content? You have come to the right specialists! We will migrate all your pages, posts, categories, users, comments, images etc from WordPress to your new site on Joomla in a few hours and with no downtime. Protecting your data is our foremost task as we realize that security is essential for you.

We use a fully automated process to convert your site so the process is highly reliable. Your current WP SEO-links will be preserved as well.

What services will be preserved?

Static Website content e.g "our Privacy Policy"
Static website content e.g. About us page (categories, created date, status, author)
Content categories and sections with preserved “parent-child” relations and posts belonging to them
Tags corresponding to certain posts of the source website
SEO Tags
SEO title, keywords, description of pages and posts of your source website
Post comments, including author name, email, created date, status, author
Content Images
Images, corresponding to all posts and pages in the source site
Information about each user, e.g. Email, Login, First Name, Last Name, Nickname, user created date
User Groups
Automatedly migrate your Joomla User Groups (Registered, Author, Editor, Publisher) to the corresponding ones in WordPress (Subscribed, Author, Editor, Contributor)
We do our best to keep your SEO URLs the same
Custom Fields
After migration, they will be part of the content they originally belonged to
Menu items belonging to these types: Articles, Users manager, Search
Menu Items
Links to pages (articles), blog category, custom menu items (e.g. external links), etc.
Meta Data
Meta keywords and descriptions
Additions to the migration

When migrating from your Existing CMS to Joomla with "301 Redirects from old URLs to new URLs" additional option included, we install ReDJ extension to your new Joomla site before the start of the conversion

In order to migrate comments from WP to Joomla, we will install the JComments extension to your Joomla site before the start of the conversion.

Note: this is the pure migration of the mentioned items. For extensions we will advise you on similar extensions available in the Joomla Extension Directory. We will provide you with pleasure a quote for Template/css, menu renewal, or a quote for a complete build Joomla based website with your current WP content.

Small WP/Joomla (max 1,000 pages/posts) US$ 375 {nicepaypal:buy|375|Small WP/Joomla Package (max 1,000 pages/posts)}
Medium WP/Joomla (max 5,000 pages/posts) US$ 425 {nicepaypal:buy|425|Medium WP/Joomla Package (max 5,000 pages/posts)}

Request a quote for more pages or additional help such as full website conversion incl. template and navigation etc.

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