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Support on Location

globe flagsIf you wish us to work with you on location you will be obliged to cater for the following expenses :

Hourly Rates

The billing for the time on location starts upon landing at airport of destination  and ends upon departure on of said airport. The time allocated for the support on location is paid 25% upon ordering, 25% upon receiving the ticket(s) and 50% upon arrival at clients city of destination. All transfer per Banking Wire or via Transferwise. Our hour rates are US$ 95,00 for support on location. We reserve the right to charge any additional hours if work hours exceed the planned and agreed support time at our normal hour rate. This time will need to be agreed and paid before work continues on location beyond the initial scope of work.

Daily Expenses

We don’t charge daily expenses for work done inside our company. However, for all destinations outside our office premisses and location of our Competence Centers, we charge (in addition to our above fees) travel expenses as follows:

  • Europe: €120/day paid upfront for the duration of the work.
  • Northern America: US$ 200/day paid upfront for the duration of the work
  • The MENA (Middle East and North Africa) Region: $150/day paid upfront for the duration of the work.
  • Asia (including China, Malaysia, Korea, India, and Russia): $150/day paid upfront for the duration of the work. (Japan and Hong Kong US$ 250/day).
  • Africa and Southern America: On request

We charge daily expenses from the day we leave our CSC (Competence Center) until the day we return to our CSC.


Since our team consists of international located developers, we might need visas to several destinations. If we are traveling to a country where we need to obtain a visa, then it is the client’s responsibility to pay for the visa and related costs.


The client is responsible for providing a good accommodation for our team. Our definition of good accommodation is at least a 4 star hotel, with decent amenities. The hotel costs must be paid directly by our client (we do not pay for our stay). Note that we can only stay in hotels that have a wireless Internet connection. If any charges occur for internet access or related costs they will be paid for by the client.

Plane Ticket

The client has to provide us with round-trip plane tickets Economy Plus or Business class (on intercontinental flights) to reach our work location, additionally, the client has to transport us from the airport to the hotel and back. We fly:

  • Asia: SIA/Scoot/AirAsia
  • Australia & NZ: Garuda/Quantas/Scoot
  • MENA: Qatar/Emirates/Turkey
  • Europe: Garuda/Qatar/Emirates/SIA
  • Northerns America: SIA/Emirates/Qatar
  • Afrika & Southern America: SIA/Emirates/Qatar/KLM

Local Transportation

The client has to provide us with local transportation from our hotel to the work premises and back or cater for 1st class train tickets.

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