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Disable Directory Browsing

For security reasons you need to protect your site from listing your directories in the browser. Your host should have covered this issue (so you won't need an empty index.html in each folder of Joomla and your extensions). So how can you resolve this when you have access to your Apache configuration (or ask/instruct your host to do this for you!)

Via the Apache config --> Disable directory browsing using httpd.conf:

  • Open the httpd.conf, normally it’s located at /usr/local/apache/conf or /etc/httpd.conf
  • Go to your own Virtual Host settings and look for “Options Indexes”
  • Change Options Indexes (if exist) -- or else add the following-- to Options -Indexes
  • Restart your apache web server.

-> The directory browsing feature is disabled now

If for whatever reason your host does not want or cannot do this you can do this with the htaccess file:

Disable directory browsing using .htaccess:

  • Open your .htacces file
  • Add Options -Indexes as a new line (is not present in our distribution of htaccess

-> The directory browsing feature is disabled now

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