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Easy manual installation of Joomla with writable configuration.php

If you have no Fantastico or Softaculous or equivalent available on your hosting account you need to manually install Joomla which is not an issue at all and as simple as anything else (see second part of this manual !) you will get a message during installation that the configuration.php is not writable and the installation process provides you with the entire configuration.php which you have to copy/paste to an editor and upload and name configuration.php to complete installation. This can be avoided.

The extremely simple solution described here avoids mistakes as well!

  • upload your core files to the directory of the server where you want to install Joomla
  • create an empty configuration.php (notepad > new> give name configuration.php) and upload to same folder do the installation and the configuration.php is now written directly in the file system.
  • Make sure the configuration.php is afterwards set to 444 or 644 (not writable) to protect your system
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