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GWS-Desk Webmaster Outsourcing

webmasterA special service of GWS-Desk is Webmaster Outsourcing.

What is a GWS-Desk Webmaster?

A GWS-Desk Webmaster is person who manages a Joomla based website; mediator between web authors and system administrator - ensures that applicable standards such as HTML validity and link liveness are met, optimizes the web architecture for navigability, takes editorial responsibility for the content, quality and style of the site; finds, creates and installs tools to create web content and check consistency; develops and enforces the house style; liaises with graphic artists; provides first level user support.

The GWS-Desk-Webmasters are practitioners of web communication. They are responsible for all aspects of an organization's web presence, including web content development, technical operations, and business management. They may have specific areas of expertise, but are most valuable as generalists who can manage all aspects of web operations.

Some of the things that should happen frequently (daily is best) if you are going to get maximum benefit from your website.


  • Eliminate spam messages and set up new filters to weed out offenders, and to organize the messages for saving in folders.
  • Setup email addresses on server
  • Monitor exploit scanners

System Performance & Quality Assurance

  • Checking security logs and transaction logs to ensure system is secure, running well, and that access times are reasonable
  • Checking Website links to make sure any external links are still valid.
  • If Components require clearing tables/cache-files/etc perform these tasks
  • Site Back-up and Data-Base back-up
  • Validate & Compliance (W3C)
  • Install Release Updates
  • Check presentation and readability in various browsers on various platforms.

Site Content

  • Process content optimizations.
  • Creating new web-content or change existing ones to provide fresh, updated content. Scan graphics, write copy, and publish.
  • Verify site navigation
  • SEO improvement & maintenance. Search ranking verification and validation
  • Modify pages, download files, and propose structural improvements and when approved implement those improvements
  • User Management & ACL if applicable
  • Content authoring if applicable


  • Communicate with stake-holders for input, things they'd like to see, and information to help develop content.
  • Interact and where needed intermediate with external parties such as external host, software developers, network providers etc.
  • User support, training and instruction

    Pricing start at US$ 350/month  and depends on factors such as size, agreed scope of work, etc so:

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